Does Heart to Heart provide education for special needs students?

Absolutely. Our highly trained and experienced faculty of teachers will help guide your special needs child to reach his or her exceptional potential.

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Are scholarships available to help with the cost of my child’s education?

Yes. Many of our students are recipients of the Step Up for Students Scholarship for those who qualify according to family income. Also available is the John M. McKay scholarship for students with disabilities (SLD, ADD, and ADHD).

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Do you provide lunch for your students?

Yes, Heart to Heart does have a student lunch program. And starting in the 2011-2012 school year, we will even be able to provide free and reduced meals for our low-income families!

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Does Heart to Heart provide transportation for its students?

Yes, we do provide bus transportation to and from school.

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How will Heart to Heart enforce its policies and rules so that I can be sure my child is safe every day?

We use Positive Reinforcement – a firm but fair discipline policy which reinforces Godly and responsible behavior. We reserve the right to dismiss any student who does not cooperate with any phase of the educational program and process.

We will send students who refuse to work or who refuse to abide by rules of the school to detention hall for the entire day. Students in detention hall will not participate in recess that day, and they will get a zero for assignments, and/or we may have some chores for them to do.

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What is the pricing for the Heart to Heart Child Care Center?

Infants to 24 months old $130/week
2-3 year s old $105/week
Before and after school care $100/month

AM or PM only

Reduced rate for 2 or more children  

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